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Heavy Weapons Guide (Twilight: 2000)
: Heavy Weapons Guide (Twilight: 2000)
(): Loren Wiseman
: 1989
ISBN: 1558780319
: 50
: English
: 16 MB

The Heavy Weapons Guide is a resource and guidebook to more than 110 mortars, grenade launchers, recoilless rifles, mines, hand grenades, rifle grenades, SAMs, and other support weap c The latest in antitank missiles are described and illustrated, including BILL, ACCP, Eryx, and Tan-Breaker. Mortars range from the American M224 60mm up to the Soviet M-55 240mm. Grenarr launchers include the older American M79 "Thumper" and the latest Soviet underbarrel AK-GL. In addition, the game includes eight pieces of recoilless artillery, 26 rockets and rocket launchers, 20 mines, and more than 30 grenades covering all types currently in service and a few that haven't been adopted yet. As a special bonus, the Heavy Weapons Guide also includes descriptions, illustrations, game statistics, and rules for th0 use of flame weapons in Twilight: 2000, including flamethrowers and the ever-popular home-made firebomb called the 'Molotov cocktail'.

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