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Combat Aircraft of World War Two
: Combat Aircraft of World War Two
(): Elke C. Weal, Color plates by John A. Weal
: Arms and Armour Press
: 1977
ISBN: 978-0853681915
: 236
: English
: 243 MB

In World War Two, airplanes of all types - fighters, bombers, transports, etc. - developed rapidly. Biplanes saw action in the early years; jet aircraft zoomed through the skies over Germany in 1945. The Americans produced the "mostest of the bestest," that is, the largest numbers of generally superior warplanes. While I started this site with a focus on WW2 fighters and aces, my interests have spread out - to include the First World War, the Golden Age of Aviation between the wars, and even some post-war jet airplanes. While there is concentration of military aircraft, I also profile some civil airplanes.

You can read here about their technical development and production, see color plates and scale drawings.

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