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Beech Aircraft and their Predecessors (Putnam Aviation Series)
: Beech Aircraft and their Predecessors
(): Alain Pelletier
: Naval Institute Press
: Putnam Aviation Series
: 1995
ISBN: 978-1557500625
: 225
: English
: 155 MB

The modern Beech company is known for the design and building of a wide range of high-quality single- and twin-engined private-owner and executive aeroplanes and twin-engined commuter airliners, but for many the name Beech and Beechcraft immediately recall the company's first product, the Beech Model 17 or Staggerwing high-performance single-engined biplance with backward, staggered wings. The Model 17 was followed by the twin-engined Model 18, which was produced in numerous civil and military versions, and remained in production longer than any other type of aeroplane. This book gives detailed descriptions of Models 17 and 18 and their service histories, and continues with equally detailed studies of Beech aircraft through the Bonanzas, Barons, Queen Airs and King Airs, and all other types up to the elegant, but unorthodox Starship and Model 1900 airliner. Projects are included, as well as details of sub-contract work. Beech predecessors included Travel Air, once a famous name as a producer of outstanding aeroplanes, many of which contributed to the development of the early United States airlines. All the aircraft are fully illustrated, and detailed production lists complete this work.

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