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The Treasury of the Gun
: The Treasury of the Gun
(): Harold L. Peterson
: A Ridge Press Book / Golden Press
: 1962
: 252
: English
: 226 MB

Special photography by Arie de Zanger. This book is an effort to trace the story from the discovery of gunpowder to the late 19th century, when the appearance of smokeless powder began a new era of firearms history. Rather than a technical history, the author relates the achievements to history and, above all, to people, and to indicate some of the excitement, the humor, and the curious lore that is as much a part of the subject as the improvement of a lock mechanism.
An extraordinary team has collaborated here to tell the fascinating story of the gun, and of the more than six centuries of effort devoted to making it shoot fast, hard and true innovation, Frustration and triumph, and of great changes wrought in the manner of waging war and peace among men.

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