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Maritime Memories of Puget Sound, in Photographs and Text
: Joe Williamson, Jim Gibbs
: Maritime Memories of Puget Sound, in Photographs and Text
: Superior Publishing Company
: 1976
: 154
: English
: 40 MB

There were good times, exhilarating times and sad timesit was an era of beginnings, first times and frontiers by land and sea. Joe Williamson and Jim Gibbs have joined their talents and captured here the magic, nostalgia and panorama of maritime action of Puget Sound in western Washington State. From its first sightings by English explorers George Vancouvre and Peter Puget in 1792, this unique waterway grew in importance as industry, and settlements helped develop it according to European, rather than its original Indian, uses. 335 old photographs of ships, people and early towns and the historical text tie ship and shore together through the story of the settling of this vast woodland area up to the beginning of the twentieth century. Historians will recognize the importance of this appealing book of social, economic and maritime history.

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