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Corvette La Creole 1827 (Historique de la Corvette 1650-1850)
: Corvette La Creole 1827
(): Jean Boudriot
: Jean Boudriot
: Historique de la Corvette 1650-1850
: 1990
: 192
: French
: 207 MB

The corvette takes its place in our navy only beginning in 1696 when it is referred to as a "corvette or long bark." It appears in annual inventories until 1746 when the term "long bark" falls off and only the name "corvette"is retained. We felt it was important to choose a distinctive example of this type of ship in our navy during the Restoration. Hence the choice of the Creole, whose celebrity is heightened by the role she played in San Juan de Ulloa, Mexico, in 1838, under the command of the young prince de Joinville.
The first part of the work is devoted to the history of the corvette in our navy over a period of nearly two centuries. An original text and numerous documents of the period are guaranteed to please enthusiasts of French naval history.
The second part is especially intended for ship's model builders. Fifteen plates describe the Creole in full detail and several photographs of the original model, now preserved in the collections of the Musee de la Marine in Paris, enrich the monograph. *
The study of the rigging is developed in depth. In short, this is a monograph of exemplary quality. The 1:48 scale we have chosen will allow practiced model builders to construct a first-rate piece.
La barque longue XVII siecle
La corvette 1ere moitie XVIIIeme siecle
La corvette 2eme moitie XVIIIeme siecle
Les corvettes du programme de 1793
La corvette Revolution-Premier Empire
La corvette Restauration-Louis-Philippe
Divers modeles au Musee de la marine
Corvette la Creole
L'expedition du Mexique
La Creole a St-Jean de Ulloa
Commentaires des planches
Notes diverses
Photos du modele de la Creole
Regles du greement
Manoeuvres des mats
Manoeuvres des vergues
Manoeuvres des voiles
Aboutissement des manoeuvres
Photos du greement
14 planches a l'echelle du 1/48eme + 1 planche a l'echelle du 1/84eme placees a la fin de l'ouvrage.
Liste des planches au 1/48eme
1) Definition de la coque I
2) Definition de la coque II
3) Bordage de la coque
4) Doublage cuivre de la carene
5) Bordage et vaigrage du pont
6) Realisation proue et poupe
7) Elevation de la coque accastillee
8) Coupes longitudinales et transversales
9) Vues avant et arriere
10) Ensemble du pont
11) Elements de mature I
12) Elements de mature II, Hunes, Barres
13) Embarcation et ancres
14) Artillerie et elements d'accastillage
15) La Creole sous voile a l'echelle du 1/84eme.

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