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The First Air War: A Pictorial History 1914-1919
: The First Air War: A Pictorial History 1914-1919
(): Terry C. Treadwell, Alan C. Wood
: Brassey's UK
: 2003
ISBN: 978-1857531220
: 163
: English
: 95 MB

'The First Air War' covers the war from the first tentative acts of aggression in the air in 1914 to the employment of massive air power by the war's end. Subjects covered include the early attempts to arm aircraft, the Zeppelin raids, the appearance of fighter 'aces', the early employment of carrier-based aircraft, the development of the heavy bomber and of night flying, and the creation of the Royal Air Force - the world's first independent air arm - in 1918. 'The First Air War' does not restrict its scope to the Western Front - also covered are air operations in the Middle East and Central Europe, the air attacks on British and German towns and cities, and the operations of the RAF in Russia in 1918 - 1919. The book includes a number of previously unpublished photographs from various historical archives, all of which are accompanied by explanatory captions.


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