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Paul Matt Scale Airplane Drawing, Volume II
: Paul Matt Scale Airplane Drawing, Volume II
(): Paul Matt, Drina Welch Abel
: Sunshine House, Inc.
: 1991
ISBN: 0943691052
: 158
: English
: 115 MB

Vol. 2 of the Paul Matt Scale Airplane Drawings. EACH FULL PAGE DRAWING is highly detailed and is an accurate working print with all dimensions, specifications, airfoils, cross sections, templates & color schemes. The internationally acclaimed Paul Matt Scale Airplane Drawings have been reviewed and praised by the Aviation Press around the world. Vol. 2 contains all the airplanes listed in alphabetical order from H thru W as indicated below. Heath LNB-4 Parasol, Howard DGA-15P, Howard DGA-3 "Pete," Howard DGA-4 "Mike," Howard DGA-5 "Ike," Howard DGA-6 "Mr. Mulligan," Hughes 18 Longwing Racer, Hughes lB Shortwing Racer, Laird LC-DW-300 "Solution," Laird LC-DW-500 "Super Solution," Laird-Turner LTR-14, Lavochkin LA-7, Lockheed P-80B "Shooting Star," Lockheed Model 9 "Orion," Lockheed PV-1 "Ventura," LWF Cato Model L "Butterfly," LWF Model G2, LWF Model H-1 "Owl," Martin BM1 and 2, Martin T4M-4, Great Lakes TG-1, Martin TT 1913 Trainer, Messerchmitt Me 109 E-3, Morehouse 2 Cyl. Aero Engine, Navy-Wright NW-1 Mystery Racer, Navy-Wright NW-2 Mystery Racer, North American, 0-47A, North American AT-6D "Texan", North American XB-70-1 "Valkyrie, Packard-Le Pere LUSAC-11, Pfitzner 1910 Monoplane, Piper J-3,"Cub," Piper J-4 "Cub Coupe," Piper PA-12 "Super Cruiser, Republic RC-3 Seabee, Rover Inverted Aero Engine, Ryan B-5 "Brougham," Ryan PR-l "Fireball," Ryan SCW Low Wing, Ryan ST-A, Seversky BT-8, Seversky P-35, Sikorsky S-39B, Standard J-1, Taylor E-2 "Cub," Taylor J-2 "Cub," Thomas-Boeing MB-3A and Thomas-Morse MB-3, Timm TC-170 "Collegiate," Verville R-3 Racer, Vought F4U-1 "Corsair," Vought SBU-1, Vought XF5U, Vultee V-IA Transport, Waco UMF/YMF-5, Waco UPF-7, Waco YKS-6 Cabin, Waterman "Arrowbile," Waterman "Gosling" Racer, Wright F2W-1 Racer, Wright F2W-2 Racer, Wright Brothers 1903 Flyer.

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