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Douglas A-26 and B-26 Invader (Crowood Aviation Series)
: Douglas A-26 and B-26 Invader
(): Scott A. Thompson
: The Crowood Press
: Crowood Aviation Series
: 2002
ISBN: 1861265034
: 200
: English
: 92 MB

Douglas A-26 and B-26 Invader has often been overshadowed by other aircraft and circumstances. It saw service too late in World War II to lay claim to a distinctive heritage. By Korea, it was seen as a workhorse and just an old "propeller job". But there can be no doubt that the Invader was a fine aircraft - highly effective and popular with its crews. This volume presents the complete story of the Douglas Invader, from its design and early history through wartime service and peacetime uses. A selection of rare photographs are used to illustrate this history of the oft-forgotten but nonetheless impressive A-26 and B-26 Invader.

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