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Patton: A History Of The American Main Battle Tank. Vol. 1 (Presido)
: Patton: A History Of The American Main Battle Tank. Vol. 1
(): R. P. Hunniccutt
: Presido
: 1984
ISBN: 0891412301
: 452
: English
: 61 MB

Featuring hundreds of photos from the national archives, diagrams, and detailed specifications, Hunnicutt's Patton remains the definitive developmental history of Patton tanks for the military historian, professional soldier, and tank restorer. This ambitious entry in R.P. Hunnicutt's 10-volume compendium of American tank history details the development of the Patton tanks, including the M60 series as well as other vehicles based on the tank chassis or employing other elements of the tank's design. First developed in the period between WWII and the Korean War, various iterations of the Patton armored military vehicle have served as a crucial component of American military operations in all manner of engagements. Hunnicutt spares no detail as he examines the origins and deployment of the M46 and M47 in the early days of the Cold War and for the duration of the Korean War. As the conflict escalated, increasing numbers of Patton tanks were deployed in Korea and many remained after the armistice to protect the tenuous agreement.

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