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Images of War - Tirpitz: The First Voyage
: Images of War - Tirpitz: The First Voyage
: Jon Sutherland, Diane Canwell
: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1848846681
: 2011
: 144
: 32,5

The photos in this book are taken from an unpublished album belonged to a member of the crew of famous German Battleship Tirpitz. It is a little known fact that before the start of World War Two the ship went on a shakedown voyage into the Atlantic, traveling north into Arctic waters and south into the more tropical climbs of the Caribbean. There are superb photos of the officers and crew both above and below decks, including some unique shots of the crew during their stint on a magnificent sail training vessel. Other stunning shots show the vessels mighty weapons during gunnery practice during her sea trials.

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