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Vietnam War Almanac
: Harry G. Summers
: Vietnam War Almanac
: Facts on File
: 1985
: 436
: English
: 52 MB

The almanac consists of three sections: Part I provides an introductory history of Vietnam from ancient times until 1959 and describes the physical setting of the country. It also analyzes the significance of Vietnam's historical and physical realities in shaping American policy in the area. Part II is a detailed chronology of military and political events both in Vietnam and in America from 1959 to the fall of Saigon in 1975. Part III, the heart of the book, contains some 500 articles, arranged alphabetically, on the people, battles, weapons, controversial issues and key concepts of the conflict. Many of these articles include cross-references and suggestions for further reading for the person who seeks more in-depth information on a given topic.

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