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Images of War - Torpedo Bombers
: Images of War - Torpedo Bombers
: Peter C. Smith
: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1844156079
: 2007
: 120
: 43,6

This is a highly illustrated history one of the most deadly types of attack aircraft. The torpedo bomber first appeared during the later years of World War One but served their most useful role in the Second World War. The most famous attacks include Taranto, where Fairey Swordfish destroyed the Italian Battle fleet and the infamous surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. In both these cases the attacks were against ships laying in harbour and therefore stationary. Heavy defensive anti-aircraft fire was the greatest danger to the torpedo bombers in those circumstances but ships under way in the open sea had far more room to take evasive action. The lengthy time it took a torpedo to reach its target allowed many ships to escape destruction. However noteable exceptions were the sinking HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse by the Japanese during the early stages of the war in the Far East. During the hunt for the Bismark it was an air-launched torpedo from a Swordfish that severley damaged the ship's steering gear and enabled the Royal Navy to close in for the final kill.

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