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Weapons of War (War on Terrorism)
: John Hamilton
: Weapons of War (War on Terrorism)
: ABDO Publishing Company
: 2002
: 56
: English
: 13 MB

Books in the War on Terrorism series present topics related to the terrorist attacks activities and weaponry. In Weapons of War (not to be confused with Hamilton's earlier book for ABDO with the same title, published in 2000), Hamilton introduces the fighter planes, bombers, helicopters, support aircraft, bombs, missiles, ships, and ground vehicles available to the U.S. military in Afghanistan. Clear and well focused, this highly accessible text delivers the basic facts and the advantages of various craft. Excellent color photos show more than a dozen different planes, as well as five helicopters and other major weapons in use. The book closes with a glossary and a list of Web sites related to the armed forces.

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