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Armed Forces (War on Terrorism)
: John Hamilton
: Armed Forces (War on Terrorism)
: ABDO Publishing Company
: 2002
: 56
: English
: 14 MB

This title in the War on Terrorism series gives a frank, useful overview of the branches of the U.S. armed forces. An introductory chapter on America's position among the world's military powers is followed by separate sections about the army, navy, marines, air force, and special operations, with subdivisions within each branch also explained. The text is clear and direct, although the language is occasionally overdramatized: the threat of nuclear war, for example, means that a country "must worry that it may disappear under the fire of a nuclear mushroom cloud." War isn't glamorized here: "The truth is that war is an ugly business, and people die." Many examples relate to the recent conflict in Afghanistan, making this a good resource for teachers seeking materials about post-September 11 events. As in other titles in the series, the sharp color photographs of ships, aircrafts, and weaponry add greatly to the accessible format. Web sites and a glossary are appended.

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