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Hitler's Decision to Invade Russia, 1941
: Robert Cecil
: Hitler's Decision to Invade Russia, 1941
: David McKay Company
: 1976
: 200
: English
: 23 MB

Hitler's decision to invade Russia was one of the most fateful of this centuryand has become one of the most widely argued events in modern history. The invasion effectively ensured, even before the entry of the United States, that Germany would lose the two-front war that resulted. It was an arbitrary decision in that Stalin, his former ally, did not want war, and there was no logical military necessity for Hitler's attack. None of the top German military advisers favored so drastic a solution to their strategic problems; and the German people had no wish to see an extension of the war. Hitler conducted the campaign with an unrelenting savagery that made certain, when the war was lost, that the Red Army would be drawn into the heart of Europe, leading not only to the partition of Germany but also to the division of the whole continent.

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