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Real-Time Systems: Real-Time Systems
: Kuodi Jian
: Kuodi Jian
: 2016
: 24,5
: / English

This book is dedicated to Real-time Systems of broad applications, such as autonavigation (Kalman Filtering), real-time reconfiguration of distributed networks, real-time bilateral teleoperation control system over imperfect networks, and uniform interfaces for resource-sharing components in hierarchically scheduled real-time systems.

In addition to that, wireless technology and its usage in implementing intelligent systems open a wide spectrum of realtime systems and offer great potential for improving people's life: for example, wirelesssensor networks used in subways, reduced energy consumption in public buildings, improved security through public surveillance, and high efficiency through industrial automation.

Furthermore, electric utilities and multi-core CPU architecture, the driving force of modern life, are part of subjects benefited from the topics covered in thisbook.

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