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Complete Atlas of the World, 3rd edition
: Dorling Kindersley
: Complete Atlas of the World, 3rd edition
: Dorling Kindersley
: 2016
ISBN: 978-1-4654-4401-1
: English
: pdf
: 288 mb
: 434

The World at the beginning of the 21st Century would be a place of unimaginable change to our forefathers. Since 1900 the human population has undergone a fourfold growth coupled with an unparalleled development in the technology at our disposal. The last vestiges of the unknown World are gone, and previously hostile realms claimed for habitation. The advent of aviation technology and the growth of mass tourism have allowed people to travel further and more frequently than ever before.

Allied to this, the rapid growth of global communication systems mean that World events have become more accessible than ever before and their knock on effects quickly ripple across the whole planet. News broadcasts bring the far-flung corners of the world into everyones lives, and with it, a view of the people and places that make up that region. The mysteries of the World that once fueled global exploration and the quest to discover the unknown are behind us; we inhabit a world of mass transportation, a world where even the most extreme regions have been mapped, a world with multi faceted view points on every event, a World of communication overload.

The World works on different levels and so does the DK Complete Atlas of the World. Readers can learn about global issues of many kinds or they can probe in a little further for the continental context. Delving even further they can explore at regional, national or even subnational level. The very best available satellite data has been used to create topography and bathymetry that reveal the breathtaking texture of landscapes and sea-floors. These bring out the context of the places and features selected to appear on top of them.

This third edition of the DK Complete Atlas of the World incorporates hundreds of revisions and updates affecting every map and every page, distilling the burgeoning mass of information available through modern technology into an extraordinarily detailed and reliable view of our World.

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