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Aerosols Handbook: Measurement, Dosimetry, and Health Effects: Aerosols Handbook: Measurement, Dosimetry, and Health Effects
: Lev S. Ruzer and Naomi H. Harley
: CRC Press
: 2012
: 12,1
: / English

With the rapid growth of the nanotechnology industry, the need to understand the biological effects of aerosol exposure has become increasingly important. Featuring contributions by leading experts in the field, Aerosols Handbook: Measurement, Dosimetry, and Health Effects, Second Edition offers an up-to-date overview of many aspects of aerosols, from properties to health effects and epidemiology.

Covering indoor, outdoor, industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, and radioactive aerosols, this book explores aerosol dosimetry by defining terms such as exposure and dose. In addition, it looks at nanometer particles, the mechanism of aerosol deposition in the lungs, and modeling deposition with a corresponding uncertainty in risk assessment. The text also emphasizes the importance of accurate aerosol measurements, particularly breathing zone exposure assessments.

Examining radioactive aerosols, the book discusses lessons learned from nuclear accidents, radon and thoron, and long-lived radionuclides in the environment. It brings together research on both radioactive and nonradioactive aerosols, supplying readers with a more complete view of how aerosols behave in the lungs.

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