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: The Quantum World
: Editors
: New Scientist
: 2016
: 17
: / English

Quantum physics has always been a source of mystery and delight. It is mysterious because it defies common sense: a world where atoms exist in two places at once, cats are simultaneously dead and alive, and particles exhibit a strange kind of telepathy. It is a delight because we have learned to manipulate these strange phenomena. We can perform experiments and build technologies that seem fantastical and impossible, but allow us to explore the very roots of reality.

The Quantum World, the latest issue of New Scientist: The Collection, will lay out the ideas, the unresolved paradoxes and puzzles, and the myriad uses of quantum theory. From parallel universes to photosynthesis, from entanglement to encryption, from computing to cats, the quantum world offers an unparalleled universe of phenomena to explore and enjoy.


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