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The Annotated Turing: The Annotated Turing
: Charles Petzold
: John Wiley & Sons
: 2008
: 12,7
: / English

Mathematician Alan Turing invented an imaginary computer known as the Turing Machine; in an age before computers, he explored the concept of what it meant to be computable, creating the field of computability theory in the process, a foundation of presentday computer programming.

The book expands Turings original 36page paper with additional background chapters and extensive annotations; the author elaborates on and clarifies many of Turings statements, making the original difficulttoread document accessible to present day programmers, computer science majors, math geeks, and others.

Interwoven into the narrative are the highlights of Turings own life: his years at Cambridge and Princeton, his secret work in cryptanalysis during World War II, his involvement in seminal computer projects, his speculations about artificial intelligence, his arrest and prosecution for the crime of "gross indecency," and his early death by apparent suicide at the age of 41.

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