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Annual Review of Nano Research (Vol. 1,2): Annual Review of Nano Research (Vol. 1,2)
: Guozhong Cao and C. Jeffrey Brinker
: World Scientific Publishing
: 2006, 2008
: 66
: / English

The first volume in an exciting new series, Annual Review of Nano Research, this formidable collection of review articles sees renowned contributors from eight different countries tackle the most recent advances in nanofabrication, nanomaterials and nanostructures.

The second volume of the Annual Review of Nano Research focuses mainly on nanofabrication, nanomaterials and nanostructures, and energy application of nanomaterials. All of the review chapters are contributed by well-published scientists and bring the most recent advancements in selected topics to the readers.

This review volume will perfectly serve dual purposes: either as an excellent introduction to scientists whose expertise lies in different fields but who are interested in learning about nanotechnology, or as a quick reference for experts active in the field of nanotechnology and nanoscience.

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