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Graphene Science Handbook: Electrical and Optical Properties: Graphene Science Handbook: Electrical and Optical Properties
: Mahmood Aliofkhazraei and Nasar Ali
: CRC Press
: 2016
: 98,9
: / English

The Graphene Science Handbook is a six-volume set that describes graphenes special structural, electrical, and chemical properties. The book considers how these properties can be used in different applications (including the development of batteries, fuel cells, photovoltaic cells, and supercapacitors based on graphene) and produced on a massive and global scale.

Volume One: Fabrication Methods
Volume Two: Nanostructure and Atomic Arrangement
Volume Three: Electrical and Optical Properties
Volume Four: Mechanical and Chemical Properties
Volume Five: Size-Dependent Properties
Volume Six: Applications and Industrialization

This handbook describes the fabrication methods of graphene; the nanostructure and atomic arrangement of graphene; graphenes electrical and optical properties; the mechanical and chemical properties of graphene; the size effects in graphene, characterization, and applications based on size-affected properties; and the application and industrialization of graphene.

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