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: Tracy Hammond, Aaron Adler, Manoj Prasad
: Frontiers in Pen and Touch: Impact of Pen and Touch Technology on Education
: Springer
: 2017
ISBN: 9783319642383
: HumanComputer Interaction Series
: English
: epub, pdf
: 16 mb
: 341

Writing and sketching are an important part of teaching and learning, and digital ink technologies enable us to perform these activities in a digital world. Frontiers in Pen and Touch aims to highlight software and hardware practices and innovations, to encourage transformational use of pen and touch in the classroom. The content of the book is derived from the 2016 Conference on Pen and Touch Technology on Education (CPTTE).

Chapters written by academic practitioners provide stories of success for ink, including multimedia content creation and increasing student engagement. Industry and academic researchers share their findings and present intelligent systems that enable pen and touch systems to teach and motivate students. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to harness and integrate pen and touch for improving todays student experiences.


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