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: Introductory Geographic Information Systems
: John R. Jensen, Ryan R. Jensen
: Pearson Education
: 2013
: 437
: 53.55 MB
: English

Geospatial technologies in general and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in particular are becoming increasingly important in our society. GIS technology is used to identify the optimal routes for emergency vehicles, to determine the best locations for various businesses, schools, and facilities, to monitor the growth and expansion of urban areas as a way to manage natural resources, and much more.

Principles of Geographic Information Systems by John Jensen and Ryan Jensen is an ideal introduction for those who know very little about geographic information systems and spatial analysis. Relatively complex GIS principles are introduced in basic terms, often using graphics to communicate principles rather than complex mathematical equations. Content is not geared toward any single commercial GIS software program, and the books timely, practical examples and extensive visual format appeal to todays students. This text can be used at the undergraduate or graduate level in one or two semester courses in Introductory and Intermediate GIS, yet can also be useful for professionals looking to increase their knowledge in this subject area.


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