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Encyclopedia of Genetics: Encyclopedia of Genetics
: Eric C.R. Reeve
: Routledge
: 2001
: 65,5
: / English

The Encyclopedia includes 125 entries, beginning with the origins of genetics including historical background on the work of Gregor Mendel and Charles Darwin, and progressing to the structure of DNA and modern theories such as selfish genes. All branches of genetics are covered, including the genetics of bacteria, viruses, insects, animals and plants, as well as humans. Important topical issues such as the human genome project, bioethics, the law and genetics, genetic disorders, GM crops, and the use of transgenic animals for food and pharmaceutical products are fully surveyed. A section on techniques and biotechnology includes modern methods of analysis, from DNA fingerprinting to the new science of bioinformatics. The articles, all written by specialists, are largely non-mathematical and progress from general concepts to deeper understanding.

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