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Analytical Mechanics, 7th Edition
: Grant R. Fowles, George L. Cassiday
: Analytical Mechanics, 7th Edition
: Cengage Learning
: 2004
ISBN: 978-0534494926
: English
: pdf
: 14,8 mb
: 576

One of the strengths of this text has always been its figures and presentation of the mathematical concepts. The figures are excellent and will help students to gain a feel for the ideas The major strength of this text has always been its thorough presentation of the mathematics. Many texts leave out so many steps in the examples and derivations that students, especially those seeing the applications of differential equations for the first time, find it hard to follow and become discouraged.

A complete exposition of the fundamentals of classical mechanics, this proven and enduring introductory text is a standard for the undergraduate Mechanics course. Numerical worked examples increased students' problem-solving skills, while textual discussions aid in student understanding of theoretical material through the use of specific cases.

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