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A Writer's Reference, 8th Edition: A Writer's Reference, 8th Edition
: Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers
: Bedford/St. Martin's
: 2014
: 24,9
: / English

For success in college, no skill is more critical than writing; its the very core of a students academic experience. Tested and trusted, A Writers Reference is an essential tool for students who are strengthening habits and skills that will support them throughout college.

In an April 2014 survey of first-year writers, 75 percent reported that using a Hacker handbook made them a more confident academic writer. Whats more, A Writers Reference has been a powerful tool for change across college campuseshelping to create a culture of writing at many schools by supporting a common language for talking about academic writing. In that way, A Writers Reference is uniquely positioned to help transform attitudes about the value of writing instruction and the role that writing plays in academic work and in higher learning.

With this eighth edition of the handbook, author Nancy Sommers invites you to be part of a community of those who teach and assign writing; who believe that critical reading, analytical writing, responsible research, and clarity are at the center of effective writing across the academy; and who use the nations best-selling and most responsive handbook to support the development of the college writer.


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