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Glycochemical Synthesis: Strategies and Applications: Glycochemical Synthesis: Strategies and Applications
: Shang-Cheng Hung and Medel Manuel L. Zulueta
: Wiley
: 2016
: 15,5
: / English

This book is a comprehensive and concise review on principles, strategies, and crucial advances in glycochemistry. It focuses on synthesis and practical applications and emphasizes state-of-the-art approaches to the assembly and design of sugars.

Provides detailed discussion on specific topics like oligosaccharide assembly and design of sugars, techniques in glycoconjugate preparation, multivalency, and carbohydrate-based drug design
Uses notable examples, like solution-based one-pot methods and automated methods for sugar assembly, to illustrate important concepts and advances in a rapidly emerging field
Discusses practical applications of carbohydrates, like medicine, therapeutics, drug and vaccine development.

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