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: How to Grow Mushrooms from Scratch
: Herbert Wurth and Magdalena Wurth
: The Experiment
: 2018
: 23
: / English

Mushrooms are a joy to growfor food, as a garden feature, or just for funand its easier than you think! How to Grow Mushrooms from Scratch covers 19 varieties, from button (always versatile) to reishi (a medicinal powerhouse). Plus, here are delicious recipes, preserving methods, and more.

Where can you grow mushrooms?
Mushrooms will thrive in your garden, on your windowsill, and even in your basement. The key is to pick the right growing medium for your mushrooma log, a bale of hay, or a simple pot of dirtand give it a little shade.

How to grow mushrooms!
Experts Magdalena and Herbert Wurth explain every step of cultivationwhether starting from a kit, a culture, or a grown mushroom youd like to propagate. From protecting mushrooms in extreme weather, to troubleshooting pests, here is expert advice for beginners and experienced growers alike!


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