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Square Metre Gardening: Square Metre Gardening
: Mel Bartholomew
: Frances Lincoln
: 2013
: 71,3
: / English

Adapted from the U.S. bestseller All New Square Foot Gardening, this new edition applies the proven principles of square foot gardening to the European growing environment. The entire book has been converted to the metric system, but the adaptations go much deeper than that. We consulted the finest gardening editors in Great Britain for the conversion of author Mel Bartholomews classic guide, and they made sure that all of the inputs and outputs described in this book are sensible for the European market.

Plant selections have been adjusted for British and Northern European climates and growing seasons; even the language has been Anglicized to communicate in a precise and natural way with European gardeners. This is the worlds most fail-safe method for growing produce at home, and now it is finally available for consumption outside of the United States. Vegetables, cutting flowers, and landscape plants can all be grown with amazing results (and virtually no weeding) using the square metre approach. There is a reason that the U.S. editions of this book have sold more than two million copies: metre or foot, the method works.

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