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: Linux Client Migration Cookbook, Version 2: A Practical Planning and Implementation Guide for Migrating to Desktop Linux
: Chris Almond, Jeroen van Hoof
: Vervante
: 2006
ISBN: 9780738496917
: pdf
: 376
: 10,7 mb
: English

The Open Desktop community is defined by the people involved. It is a world-wide community of individuals who share a deep passion for technology and frequently a great sense of humor as well. They are individuals who thrive on collaborating with their peers in the Open Source Software community, in accomplishing real progress toward creating and delivering technical innovations, and in freely sharing the value of those innovations with the rest of the world. Those shared innovations coming from the highly cohesive efforts of the technology focused sub-groups within the Open Desktop community and their passion to create something new and highly flexible are the source of the momentum that drives this migration book project, as well as every other Open Desktop project.

This second version of the Linux Client Migration Cookbook is intended to help the Open Desktop community continue to move forward to enable more people to grow the community by leveraging the amazing work happening right now in Open Desktop development around the world. More than anything else, those individuals and sub-groups within the community who are working diligently on printing, GUI design, power management, sound, multimedia, GNOME, KDE, x.org, the kernel, drivers, applications, internationalization, fonts, sound, accessibility, Laptop support, and so forth are the heart and soul of the Open Desktop community. What exists is an Open Desktop meritocracy, a common passion to be creative, and a tremendously cohesive effort. An effort that is leading to a mature alternative client computing platform. There are no solo players or rock stars that I want to shout out to here. Instead, my deepest respect and thanks go out to all of the contributors within the Open Desktop community.


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