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: DBMS: Database Management System
: Mohammed Zahid Wadiwale
: Independently published
: 2019
: pdf
: 14.8 MB

Database Management System or DBMS in short refers to the technology of storing and retrieving users data with utmost efficiency along with appropriate security measures. DBMS allows its users to create their own databases as per their requirement. These databases are highly configurable and offer a bunch of options. This book explains the basics of DBMS such as its architecture, data models, data schemas, data independence, E-R model, relation model, relational database design, and storage and file structure. In addition, it covers a few advanced topics such as indexing and hashing, transaction and concurrency, and backup and recovery. This book will especially help computer science graduates in understanding the basic-to-advanced concepts related to Database Management Systems.

DBMS: Database Management System


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