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: Linux for Beginners: A Practical Guide Beyond the Basics
: Travis Booth
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2019
: 117
: epub, pdf (conv)
: 10.1 MB

Master Linux and Demystify The Shell!

The Linux interface is a powerful tool to use. While the Linux GUI is slick and smooth, you know that the real magic lies under the hood. However, if you're just getting started, the various interfaces and combinations that exist in Linux can be confusing.

So where do you begin?

Linux for Beginners by Travis Booth, the author of Machine Learning With Python and Linux Command Line is going to walk you through more advanced concepts of the Linux interface and other aspects that go on beneath the surface. You will learn all about the exciting world of the Linux system and how you can use it to ditch that pesky mouse forever (only if you want to!)

System administrators do a lot of work to provide the end-user with the friendly interface they see when Linux boots on their computers. Administrators and Linux professionals need to learn both basic and advanced commands in Linux. Inputting these commands will make a difference between a decently running Linux OS and an OS that drags through different tasks. Seeing that Linux comes with a license copyright, learning these commands will help you make modifications to the Kernel or the Shell of the operating system.

Professionals also need to learn about shells and shells scripting. Shells protect the delicate parts of an operating system, the Kernel. Shell scripting, which is entering commands for a shell to execute, helps you keep Linux in top shape of operation. Through shell scripting, the end-user will have an easier time running Linux on their computers. Again, shell scripting can be used to create intricate programs featuring conditional loops, statements, and functions. When done right, shell scripting will make Linux better than other operating systems for the end-user.

In addition, you will also learn all about:

A walkthrough of the basics
Use Management
A walkthrough of the shell and scripting
Commands and file systems
Disk interfaces and media
Networking with Linux OS

and so much more!

Join the millions who have discovered the power of the shell by taking the correct first steps!

Linux for Beginners: A Practical Guide Beyond the Basics


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