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Big Data Applications and Use Cases
: Patrick C. K. Hung
: Big Data Applications and Use Cases
: Springer
: 2016
ISBN: 978-3319301440
: International Series on Computer Entertainment and Media Technology
: English
: pdf
: 10 mb
: 214

Big data is a buzzword that has soared in popularity in recent years. Big data is the description of large amount of either organized or unorganized data that is analyzed to make an informed decision or evaluation. The data can be taken from a large variety of sources including browsing history, geolocation, social media, purchase history and medical records. Big data consists of complex data that would overwhelm the processing power of traditional simple database systems.

Many businesses today are increasingly interested in utilizing big data technologies for supporting their business intelligence so that it is becoming more and more important to understand the various practical issues from different practical use cases. This book provides clear proof that big data technologies are playing an ever increasing important and critical role in a new cross-discipline research between computer science and business.

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