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Relational Database Design and Implementation, 4th Edition
: Jan L. Harrington
: Relational Database Design and Implementation, 4th Edition
: Morgan Kaufmann
: 2016
ISBN: 978-0128043998
: English
: epub
: 40,5 mb
: 712

This book is intended for anyone who has been given the responsibility for designing or maintaining a relational database (or whose college degree requirements include a database course). It will teach you how to look at the environment your database serves and to tailor the design of the database to that environment. It will also teach you ways of designing the database so that it provides accurate and consistent data, avoiding the problems that are common to poorly designed databases. In addition, you will learn about design compromises that you might choose to make in the interest of database application performance and the consequences of making such choices.

This edition retains its in-depth coverage of the process of designing a good relational database as well as three major case studies illustrating the planning and design steps involved in arriving at a sound design. For the first time, it also includes coverage of all major capabilities of SQL (creating database structures, querying, and using advanced techniques such as windowing). This edition also contains chapters covering the environment in which databases run, as well as an examination of object-relational and NoSQL databases.


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