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: Philip J. Pratt, Joseph J. Adamski
: Concepts of Database Management, 7th Edition
: Cengage Learning
: 2011
ISBN: 978-1111825911
: English
: pdf
: 13 mb
: 432

Updated and new exercises in each chapter and a new case study reinforce the concepts. New appendices describe the purpose and syntax of the major SQL commands used in the book. A concise approach to database management that covers fundamental material in nine chapters and several appendices. A comprehensive discussion of database design includes normalization, E-R diagrams, numerous database design examples, and trade-off discussions. Extensive coverage of SQL with design examples to illustrate key concepts. Advanced topics such as concurrency issues, distributed databases, and data warehouses are included.

This concise text teaches SQL in a database-neutral environment with all major topics being covered, including E-R diagrams, normalization, and database design. Now in its seventh edition, CONCEPTS OF DATABASE MANAGEMENT prepares students for success in their field using real-world cases addressing current issues such as database design, data integrity, concurrent updates, and data security. Special features include detailed coverage of the relational model (including QBE and SQL), normalization and views, database design, database administration and management, and more. Advanced topics covered include distributed databases, data warehouses, stored procedures, triggers, data macros, and Web databases.


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