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Ubuntu Server Cookbook
: Ubuntu Server Cookbook
: Uday R. Sawant
: Packt Publishing
: 2016
ISBN : 978-1-78588-306-4
: 456
: 5,5 M
: English

Arm yourself to make the most of the versatile, powerful Ubuntu Server with over 100 hands-on recipes
Master the skills to setup secure and scalable web services with popular tools like Apache, Nginx, MySQL and HAProxy
Set up your own cloud with Open Stack and quickly deploy applications with Docker or LXD
Packed with clear, step-by-step recipes to let you protect you valuable data with your own chat servers, code hosting and collaboration tools.
Ubuntu Server Cookbook is for system administrators or software developers with a basic understanding of the Linux operating system who want to set up their own servers. You are not required to have in-depth knowledge or hands-on experience with Ubuntu, but you should know the basics commands for directory navigation, file management, and the file editing tool. An understanding of computer networks is advisable
Set up high performance, scalable, and fault-tolerant back ends with web and database servers
Facilitate team communication with a real-time chat service and collaboration tools
Quickly deploy your applications to their own containers and scale your infrastructure as and when needed
Find out how to set up your own cloud infrastructure for your internal use or rent it to the public
Ensure quick and easy access for your users while also securing your infrastructure from intruders
Set up a high performance private network with a personal VPN server and centralized authentication system
Swiftly start a content streaming service
Set up network storage for private data and source code and say good bye to costly and unreliable cloud services

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