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: Windows 10: The Beginner's Guide on how to enjoy and make the most of Windows 10
:Mattnew Sanderson
: Mattnew Sanderson
: 2016
: English
: pdf
:3 Mb

You can also learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 10, its System Requirements, its special features or apps, and its customisation. You will learn how to utilise the special features or applications to organise and work on your files.

You will also learn how to customise your files and come up with a personalised Start Menu that can make life easier for you when working on your computer.

Aside from that, you will learn how to use the functions of your Windows 10 Built-in apps, and all the tasks and functions you could do with your Windows 10.

Of course, the specific steps on how to upgrade to Windows 10 is included. Follow the step-by-step procedure on your own. There are no ambiguous steps - just simple words to help you understand how to do the procedure.

On the last chapter of the book, you will be given pointers about upgrading your Operating System (OS) to the latest version of Windows - Windows 10.

Upgrading your OS to Windows 10 is not rocket science. You can read this book and upgrade your OS without any problems.

Chapter 1: The Key Elements of Windows 10
Chapter 2: System Requirements for Windows 10
Chapter 3: Customizing Your Computer s User Interface
Chapter 4: What You Can Do with Windows
Chapter 5: Pros and Cons of Windows 10
Chapter 6: How to Upgrade to Windows 10
Chapter 7: Functions of the Windows 10 Built-In Apps
Chapter 8: Valuable Pointers in Using Windows 10



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