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Ubuntu The Complete Manual 2016
: Ubuntu The Complete Manual 2016
: Imagine Publishing Limited
:Imagine Publishing Limited
: 2016
: English
: pdf
:11 Mb

Many people who want to make the move from Windows to a Linux distribution choose Ubuntu as their first step. It provides a clean, attractive GUI with Unity, and usability by the bucket-load. From the default software to the best FOSS apps to download from the Software Centre, well tour the top programs and applications, so soon youll be flying with Ubuntu.

The Complete Manual series is the perfect compact companion, and even though it's small in size, it packs in everything you should ever need!

In this bookazine...

The essential handbook for Ubuntu users

Get to know Ubuntu
- Tour this innovative operating system and find out how it can work for you

Grasp Ubuntu essentials
- Dig a little deeper into all the features and functions to improve user experience

Master Ubuntu apps
- Understand how to navigate key built-in apps and improve your productivity

Download third-party apps
- Use the Ubuntu Software Centre to download apps thatll boost your efficiency

Also inside...
- Get to know Ubuntu
- Navigate the Ubuntu desktop
- Dual boot with Ubuntu
- Customise the desktop
- Discover System Settings
- Tweak Security Settings
- Find your way around Dash
- Understand the file system
- Sharing files in Ubuntu
- Manage drives with Disks
- Get to grips with the command line
- Use GNOME Terminal & Xterm
- Secure files with Déjà Dup
- Use Startup Disk Creator
- Unleash Archive Manager
- Using Disk Usage Analyser
- Monitor Software & Updates
- Work with Universal Access
- Configure network connections
- Connect with Online Accounts
- Use System Monitor
- Explore the Ubuntu Software Centre
- Browse with Firefox
- Manage emails with Thunderbird
- Communicate with Empathy
- 20 LibreOffice essentials
- Text editing with gedit
- View images with Shotwell
- Listen to songs with Rhythmbox


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