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Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles, 8th Edition
: Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles, 8th Edition
: William Stallings
: Pearson
: 2014
: 800
: 15 Mb
: English

Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles is intended for use in a one- or two-semester undergraduate course in operating systems for computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering majors. It also serves as a useful reference for programmers, systems engineers, network designers and others involved in the design of computer products, information system and computer system personnel.
Operating Systems provides a comprehensive and unified introduction to operating systems topics. Stallings emphasizes both design issues and fundamental principles in contemporary systems and gives readers a solid understanding of the key structures and mechanisms of operating systems. He discusses design trade-offs and the practical decisions affecting design, performance and security. The book illustrates and reinforces design concepts and ties them to real-world design choices through the use of case studies in Linux, UNIX, Android, and Windows 8.

Teaching and Learning Experience

This program presents a better teaching and learning experiencefor you and your students. It will help:

Illustrate Concepts with Running Case Studies: To illustrate the concepts and to tie them to real-world design choices that must be made, four operating systems serve as running examples.
Easily Integrate Projects in your Course: This book provides an unparalleled degree of support for including a projects component in the course.
Keep Your Course Current with Updated Technical Content: This edition covers the latest trends and developments in operating systems.
Provide Extensive Support Material to Instructors and Students: Student and instructor resources are available to expand on the topics presented in the text.

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