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: Fundamentals of Database Systems, Sixth Edition
: Ramez Elmasri, Shamkant Navathe
: Addison-Wesley
: 2011
: Mirknig.su
: 1201
: 17.61
: English

Clear explanations of theory and design, broad coverage of models and real systems, and an up-to-date introduction to modern database technologies result in a leading introduction to database systems. Intended for computer science majors, Fundamentals of Database Systems, 6/e emphasizes math models, design issues, relational algebra, and relational calculus. A lab manual and problems give students opportunities to practice the fundamentals of design and implementation.
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: Google BigQuery: The Definitive Guide
: Jordan Tigani, Valliappa Lakshmanan
: O'Reilly Media, Inc.
ISBN: 9781492044390
: 2019 (2020 Edition)
: 94
: pdf, djvu
: 14.7 MB

Work with petabyte-scale datasets while building a collaborative, agile workplace in the process. This practical book is the canonical reference to Google BigQuery, the query engine that lets you conduct interactive analysis of large datasets. BigQuery enables enterprises to efficiently store, query, ingest, and learn from their data in a convenient framework. With this book, youll examine how to analyze data at scale to derive insights from large datasets efficiently.
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: Dynamic SQL: Applications, Performance, and Security in Microsoft SQL Server, 2nd edition
: Edward Pollack
: Apress
ISBN: 148424317X
: 2019
: 496
: pdf (true), epub
: 22.1 MB

Take a deep dive into the many uses of dynamic SQL in Microsoft SQL Server. This edition has been updated to use the newest features in SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server 2017 as well as incorporating the changing landscape of analytics and database administration. Code examples have been updated with new system objects and functions to improve efficiency and maintainability. Executing dynamic SQL is key to large-scale searching based on user-entered criteria. Dynamic SQL can generate lists of values and even code with minimal impact on performance. Dynamic SQL enables dynamic pivoting of data for business intelligence solutions as well as customizing of database objects. Yet dynamic SQL is feared by many due to concerns over SQL injection or code maintainability.
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: Windows 8.1. 2015
: . , . , .
: 2015
C: 512
: pdf
: 44

. " ", - . Windows 8.1, . , , .
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: macOS Sierra For Dummies
: Bob LeVitus
: For Dummies
: 2016
: 43
: / English

macOS is the engine that runs your Mac, so it's a good idea to know a bit about how it works. Fully updated to cover macOS Sierra, this long-time bestseller is the map you need to navigate Apple's operating system. Whether you're exploring macOS for the first time, looking for shortcuts to speed up common tasks, or trying to fix a common problem, macOS Sierra For Dummies provides easy-to-follow answers to all your questions.
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: The Mathematical Corporation: Where Machine Intelligence and Human Ingenuity Achieve the Impossible
: Josh Sullivan, Angela Zutavern
: PublicAffairs
ISBN: 1610397886
: 2017
: 304
: epub
: 14.2 MB

The most powerful weapon in business today is the alliance between the mathematical smarts of machines and the imaginative human intellect of great leaders. Together they make the mathematical corporation, the business model of the future. We are at a once-in-a-decade breaking point similar to the quality revolution of the 1980s and the dawn of the internet age in the 1990s: leaders must transform how they run their organizations, or competitors will bring them crashing to earth--often overnight. Mathematical corporations--the organizations that will master the future--will outcompete high-flying rivals by merging the best of human ingenuity with machine intelligence. While smart machines are weapon number one for organizations, leaders are still the drivers of breakthroughs. Only they can ask crucial questions to capitalize on business opportunities newly discovered in oceans of data.
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: Getting Started with SQL: A Hands-On Approach for Beginners
: Thomas Nield
: O'Reilly Media
: 2016
: 134
: 8 Mb
: English

Businesses are gathering data today at exponential rates and yet few people know how to access it meaningfully. If youre a business or IT professional, this short hands-on guide teaches you how to pull and transform data with SQL in significant ways. You will quickly master the fundamentals of SQL and learn how to create your own databases.
Author Thomas Nield provides exercises throughout the book to help you practice your newfound SQL skills at home, without having to use a database server environment. Not only will you learn how to use key SQL statements to find and manipulate your data, but youll also discover how to efficiently design and manage databases to meet your needs.
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: Get Started With Ubuntu 18.10
: Matt Vogel
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
ASIN: B07MN31337
: 2018
: 757
: epub
: 17.4 MB

A beginners guide to installing and using Ubuntu 18.10 desktop edition, the newest version of the popular Linux software. This book is designed for a new Linux or Ubuntu user and covers the installation process, provides a detailed look at the desktop environment, goes through all of the system settings, covers basic administration and network tasks, and covers basic command line use.
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: Inside the Machine: Art and Invention in the Electronic Age
: Megan Prelinger
: W. W. Norton & Company
: 2015
: 60
: / English

A visual history of the electronic age captures the collision of technology and artand our collective visions of the future. A hidden history of the twentieth centurys brilliant innovationsas seen through art and images of electronics that fed the dreams of millions. A rich historical account of electronic technology in the twentieth century, Inside the Machine journeys from the very origins of electronics, vacuum tubes, through the invention of cathode-ray tubes and transistors to the bold frontier of digital computing in the 1960s.
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: Teach Yourself VISUALLY Word 2016
: Elaine Marmel
: Visual
: 2015
: 30
: / English

Are you a visual learner who prefers to see how Word works instead of hear a long-winded explanation?Teach Yourself Visually Word offers you a straightforward 'show me, don't tell me' approach to working with the newest version of the top-selling application in the Microsoft Office suite. Packed with visually rich tutorials and step-by-step instructions that will help you come to grips with all of Word's capabilities, this accessible resource will quickly and easily get you up and running on using the world's most widely used word processing program.
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