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: The Art and Craft of Wood: A Practical Guide to Harvesting, Choosing, Reclaiming, Preparing, Crafting, and Building with Raw Wood
: Silas J. Kyler, David Hildreth
: Quarry Books
ISBN: 1631592971
: 2017
: 160
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: 28.3 MB

The Art and Craft of Wood shows you how to mill, stack, dry, and flatten a log into useable lumber and build a variety of household furnishings.

Trees are all around us. They provide shade, beautify our neighborhoods, filter our water, and clean our air, but when they die, we often don't know what to do with them. Now you can learn the skills to reclaim those trees as lumber. Perfect for the woodworking hobbyist, The Art and Craft of Wood introduces readers to the basics of wood craft.

The Art and Craft of Wood will inspire you to make something of your own through simple, step-by-step photos. As a reader, you will learn valuable skills, including:

Where to find wood that you can reclaim for your own use
How to mill, stack, dry, and flatten your log into useable lumber
Create a variety of useful household furnishings in 7 step-by-step projects ranging in difficulty from novice to more complicated
What to do with leftover material, such as making firestarters and animal bedding
Authors Silas Kyler and David Hildreth are also the filmmakers behind the documentary Felled, a film about giving new life to urban trees; they have lived the process of refining wood. The Art and Craft of Wood is their guide to you!

The Art and Craft of Wood


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