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Black & Decker. The Complete Guide to Contemporary Sheds: Black & Decker. The Complete Guide to Contemporary Sheds
: Philip Schmidt
: Creative Publishing
: 2008
: 117,7
: / English

Sheds and other landscape shelters have never been out of style, but they are now seeing a remarkable surge in popularity, and are being used in creative new ways. The common garden shed is now just as likely to serve as a workshop for an artist to pursue his or her hobby; or may be used as a writerÆs retreat; or may even be equipped with a satellite dish, high definition television, recliners, and used as a meeting spot for Sunday afternoon football parties. In many parts of the country, spacious sheds are being fully appointed with furnishings and used as detached rooms for everyday living or as backyard offices.

This book offers readers fuel for their aspirations but also provides practical information for planning and building sheds of all types. Although the basics of stick-building are covered, the book focuses more on the most common consumer option: ordering and buying a kit shed, working from blueprint plans, and customizing the shed to individual needs.

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