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:Fine Woodworking: Outdoor Projects
: Asa Christiana
: Fine Woodworking
: 2013
: 18
: / English

Outdoor furniture needs to shed water and be able to dry quickly so mold and fungi don't start growing. Building outdoor furniture should be fun and relaxing. No matter how well you design and construct outdoor furniture, eventually it will lose the battle against Mother Nature. Accept that truth, and you won't be nearly as stressed when building for the outdoors as you might when making indoor furniture, which should last for several lifetimes.

This collection of outdoor projects covers every area of the living and working space you find out the back door. There are compost bins and raised beds to improve your garden, an arbor to create a beautiful and shady spot for resting, and plenty of chairs, benches, and tables to use for relaxing. Some projects can be made in just a couple of hours with basic tools most homeowners already have, while others will satisfy the desire to challenge ourselves that pushes every woodworker from one project to the next. Now is the time to get out in the shop, or the yard, and start building - and remember to have fun!


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