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The Woodworker's Studio Handbook: The Woodworker's Studio Handbook
: Jim Whitman
: Quarry Books
: 2012
: 40,4
: / English

The Woodworkers Studio Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the artistry, design, and skills all woodworkers need to propel their hobby to the next level.

Master woodworker Jim Whitman walks you through planning your work space, helps you select tools and the right wood for the right projects, and gets you comfortable with your tools so you feel at ease in the studio and ready to experimentall with gentle instruction and reassuring humor. His 20 teaching projects make you feel like a seasoned craftsman from step one, regardless of your experience level.

Learn about the importance of proper planning, measuring twice so you just have to cut once, and how to make the most of your wood. Above all, get ready to get your hands dirty: woodworking is about play just as much as precision!

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