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Can Do That! Woodworking Projects: I Can Do That! Woodworking Projects
: David Thiel
: Popular Woodworking Books
: 2007
: 85,6
: / English

You can do that, quickly, easily and save money!
Beginning woodworkers (or experienced woodworkers that are in a hurry) can build these top-quality projects quickly and efficiently.

- Each project requires a minimum of tools (only hand and portable power tools) and a minimum of woodworking experience.
- These projects need only inexpensive materials that are easily found at your local home center stores, saving you time and money.
- This book includes a training manual for using each tool, making it perfect for the beginning woodworker.

The projects are not the typical napkin holders. They are tasteful and useful, making this book a good choice for the experienced woodworker in a hurry!

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