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Carving Facial Expressions

: Carving Facial Expressions
: Ian Norbury
: Linden Publishing Co Inc
ISBN: 9780941936439
: 2000
: PDF/DjVu
: 64
: 154.7 MB
: English

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In this book master carver, Ian Norbury, provides a detailed guide for all craftsmen to discover the an of creating facial expressions in woodcarving. A full range of examples show the many emotions of the human face from happiness to sadness, anger, pride, determination, and many others to enhance and improve carvers' projects. Detailed step-by-step work from the band-sawn block clearly show how to go about achieving a high level of work. The models used provide a variety of ages and both sexes to give as wide a scope as might be required for any project work.
This is an excellent guide which will help develop the skills of all carvers whether beginners or experienced. Illustrated with approximately 150 photographs and drawings.

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