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: Data Analytics and Python Programming. Beginners Guide to Learn Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Data Science with Python Programming (Hacking Freedom and Data Driven)
: Isaac D. Cody
: Isaac D. Cody
: 2016
: 156
: 6,5 M
: English

This is a 2 book bundle related to data analytics and learning Python Programming from scratch!
What's included in this 2 book bundle manuscript:
Data Analytics: Practical Data Analysis and Statistical Guide to Transform and Evolve Any Business, Leveraging the power of Data Analytics, Data Science, and Predictive Analytics for Beginners
Hacking University: Junior Edition Learn Python Computer Programming from Scratch. Become a Python Zero to Hero. The Ultimate Beginners Guide in Mastering the Python Language
In Data Analytics, you will learn:
Why your business should be using data analytics
Issues with using big data
Effective data management
Examples of data management in the real-world
The different kinds of data analytics and their definitions
How data management, data mining, data integration and data warehousing work together
A step-by-step guide for conducting data analysis for your business
An organizational guide to data analytics
Tools for data visualization (with hyperlinks)
In Hacking University Junior Edition, you will learn:
The history of Python Language
The benefits of learning Python and the job market outlook when learning Python
Setting Up a Development Environment
Variables, Variable Types, Inputs, String Formatting, Decision Structures, Conditional Operators, Loops
Several Programming Examples to make sure you practice what you learn
String Formatting and Programming Concepts
Classes, Special Methods, and Inheritance
Key Modules, and Common Errors
And a WHOLE lot more!

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