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: ng-book: The Complete Guide to Angular 4 (Revision 62)
: F. Coury, A. Lerner, N. Murray, C. Taborda
: 2017
: 681
: 35 Mb
: English

Stop wasting your time
wrestling with incomplete and confusing tutorials
Online tutorials are inconsistent and often out of date. One tutorial says one thing and another says something completely different.
Many tutorials show you the trees but not the forest. Some teach the basics, but why is there nothing that shows how to fit all the pieces together?
The docs aren't cohesive and trying to learn a new framework from piecing together API docs can be tough.
Googling only takes you so far... There are not many good screencasts or tutorials out there that teach how to maximize the framework.
Time is money; don't waste it sifting through blogs.
What the heck is a _____? The vocabulary is foreign, how is a directive component different from a bare component? How am I supposed to update my page with one-way data binding?
What's with the crazy syntax? Do I have to learn annotations, strong-typing, and a whole new language just to use Angular now?
How does it all fit together? Angular 4 has a whole new model of writing apps. How can you know how it all fits together?
Still not hitting deadlines? You still have a job to do and stopping to learn Angular 4 seems like a risky use of time.


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